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Get help to cheat in Words With Friends
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Do you want to win in Words With Friends?

Search in the advanced English dictionary right now - or read the help text for Word With Friends cheat dictionary further down and learn the advanced features.


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Help for Words With Friends Cheat-machine

It is very easy and very effective to use Words With Friends-word-crusher.

There are several ways to cheat:
Field 1. Here you write the letters you have in Words With Friends. Use * if you have a blank / wildcard. If you leave this field blank, all letters of the alphabet will be used for your search.
Field 2. Here you write a part of a word that you want to match. For example, if there is a word or a letter on the board that you want to build around.
Let's say you have the letters "dibantet" on your hand. In the first field you type them in and press the search button - "Help me to cheat". You will now be returned some possible words - including "Bandit".
Now let's say that you have to place the word in a part of another word on the board such as "ge". Then type "ge" in the second field "Letters in certain order." You will now be returned "binged", "Banged" etc.
You can also just type "ge" in Field 2. This allows you to see what letters to collect for writing a good word for "ge" on the board.

A little more advanced cheating
The lower 4 fields give you even more options to find just the word you're looking for.
Here you can also search the beginning and end of a word and choose how long or short the word should be.

Remember - it is cheat to cheat in Words With Friends.


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Cheat in Words With Friends

Write your letters. Use * as a wildcard

Letters in particular order

Beginning of word

  End of word

Max. number of letters

  Min. number of letters